Christian Industrial Training College (CITC) Thika is a middle-level College that was established in 1972 as a project of the Anglican Church of Kenya, Thika Diocese.

The college is accredited as both a training and examination center under Kenya National Examination Council (KNEC) and National Industrial Training Authority (NITA).

CITC’s main objective is to provide technical, industrial, vocational and entrepreneurial training to the youth so that they can compete in the job market. In addition to skills development, CITC aims at empowering and/or nurturing those graduates with entrepreneurial attributes by motivating them to start small enterprises in various sectors as honest entrepreneurs with integrity.

Besides education, students undergo rigorous spiritual and life skills training and mentoring programs for them to appreciate and demonstrate professional work skills and Christian values in the workplace.

We are currently offering various technical and business courses at certificate and diploma levels (both part-time and full time). Similarly, we have a great passion for moulding individual talents through various co-curricular clubs-sponsored activities that include sports, music, drama, and art among others. This has helped students realize their abilities outside the classroom as well as shaping them not just academically, but also physically, socially and academically.

Since its inception over 50,000 people from diverse backgrounds have been equipped with technical and soft skills.  Many of these people are among the most successful business people in various industries.  Others are holding very influential positions in public service, manufacturing industries, and companies.

CITC Thika has continued to embrace changes that have occurred in the training industry, hence making it one of the most competent colleges.  We are determined to continue imparting skills to all the people in line with Kenyan’s vision 2030.